Pac-Man Bracelet Goes Waka Waka On Your Wrist

This hand drawn, handmade bracelet features Pac-Man and Ghosts in a never ending circle. It was drawn as a vector image and then screened onto acetate and layered into durable clear resin. Neato!

pac-man bracelet chomps its way around your wrist on [Technabob]


    And this would be retailing for how much? Also, where can I get one!

    WAKA WAKA WAKA WAKA WAKA... never get's old, does it? xD

    Woot! Pac Man Fever! Dodododo! It's making me craaaaaazzy!

    There's always a buttload of cool accessories based on games out there.

    Sweet. This reminds me of the LBP and L4D knitted sackboys we saw here a few months ago; home-made gaming swag is sweet, especially stuff you can show off outside like this bracelet.

    Fancy. It would be awesome if there were one of those that animated. Though I'd imagine the heat emitted from the screen of something like that would make your wrist feel somewhat uncomfortable.

    It'd be a nice novelty, but I can't imagine myself wearing it. Or any other bracelet for that matter. Still pretty cool though.

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