Pac-Man Getting The Fighter Treatment?

In Europe, Namco Bandai has trademarked something called "Pac-Man: Battle Royale," which sounds less like a reboot or remake of a pellet-chomper, and more along the lines of Tekken with ghosts.

That's straight-up speculation. Siliconera hazarded the guess when it found the registration, and it sounds good to me, if only because it sounds better than the same old run-around (a maze).

Ready for a Pac-Man: Battle Royale? [Siliconera]


    Sounds less than promising if its a fighter game. But hey, a new Pac-man game will conirm what the guinnes book said about the yellow wonder being the most recognisable character

    First it was "Pac-Man World Rally" which was trying to ride on "Mario Kart"'s success - now this which is trying to ride on "Super Smash Brothers"?

    Oh actually before all that, was "Fury of the Furries" and then being rebadged with Pac-man instead for "Pac-In-Time"

      Didn't think of it as something like SSB, if they did that it could work but i don't see them getting many sales. Best to leave these old franchises dead and start new.

      I actually have good memories of that "pac-in-time" game. Its probably the rose tinted glasses though.

    I’ve got pacman as well as about another 200 video game characters in a fighting game called MUGEN

    Maybe Battle Royale means a NSMBW style Co-op Pacman game where you see who can get the most pellets?

    I'd buy that.

    Hmm...Pac-Man as a fighter.

    All he'd be able to do is gobble you up and spit pellets and fruit. The latter's actually HEALTHY.

    I think it might be something like bomberman, you couldn't really do a smash bros or street fighter style, theres not enough characters.

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