Pac-Man Still Beats Mario For Most-Famous Crown

One year older, and about two dozen or so titles fewer, Pac-Man still retains the "most recognisable" title among video game characters in the United States, according to the upcoming edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

The book, which in recent years has trended strongly toward video game records (and, according to us apparently, is a "must-have") found that more American consumers recognised Pac-Man, beating Mario by 1 percent, 94 to 93.

I'd say Mario hasn't done so bad considering not only he has a humanoid form, but he also has changed repeatedly over the past 27 years, whereby Pac-Man has largely been the same yellow pie-shape (except for animated cartoons and other non- or semi-canonical appearances.)

Then again, I don't see Pac-Man putting out a hugely selling title this year, or being the public face of a major console-maker and games publisher. So, take Guinness's appraisal for what it is: The long memory of an entire nation, many of whom might not be gamers.

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    I have to agree with most of the content in the post, but it's still pretty strange to me that Mario didn't win that record - I remember playing Super Mario 64 before Pac-Man World, but then again, that's just me.

    It is commendable that Pac-Man's classic gameplay still has me wanting a classic arcade machine in my house that I could load it onto though - after so, so many years, the gameplay has held up to this 'shoot everything that moves' nonsense of the later years.

    Congratulations, Pac-Man, every time I see a pie chart, I'll draw your outline with a black marker.

    No matter what happens, nothing in these books will ever be considered relevant by anyone who takes video games seriously at all. Every "record" in them is just a bunch of randomly thrown-together arbitrary information somehow remotely related to whatever game it's referencing. They're toilet readers.

    Mario for Most Famous 2011!

    I respectively disagree. Ask any kid whether they know Mario or Pacman, they know only Mario. Ask any adult, and they know both. Sorry, Paccy, but you aren't that popular anymore.

    Yeah i do find the whole Pac-Man over Mario thing a little odd..

    Most of the younger generation don't even know who Pac-Man is (the ones i talk to at least) yet almost everyone seems to at least heard of Mario...

    Then again it is based on an American survey and those folks are a little odd... -shrugs-

    Pac-Man would have been around when people who don't game anymore that are now in their 30's and 40's. For them, Pac-Man is a childhood classic, like Mario for the various Nintendo consoles in the 90's were for many of us.

    I don't mind, though, Pac-Man and Mario are both classics.

    I think that Mario is probably more well known to children, whereas adults probably know more about Pac-Man because Pac-Man was active(?) around there childhood.

    I believe this statistic, though, it makes sense.

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