Pac-Man Vs Naked, Pole-Dancing Mario, In Russian


    lmao...was that an ad or just something done in someones spare time?

    that really is fantastic though - brought a smile to my otherwise bland lunch (half) hour

    That was really funny. +1 to whoever thought/made it.

    If you go to the author's page, they've done a bunch of these things. I found one of Chuck Norris fighting the Spartan warrior from 300, and also one with a knight and ninja fighting in a museum, they're similarly amusing. :)

      Just saw the one with Chuck Norris and the Spartan. Things got crazy at the 2nd half. lol

    Haha, that was glorious. The bit with the vine was simply inspired.

    That was just awesome. Love that final Pac-Man chomp. If more western advertising was like this I think that people would begin to watch ads rather than skip them.

    That's so awesome! The guys who made this are surely geniuses. Love the face on Pacman when he was eating the vine.

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