Peace On Earth; TF2 War Ends

Valve announced the end to Team Fortress 2's Soldier vs. Demoman War and, although Soldier held a slight lead at the conflict's close (6.32 million Demomen killed to 6.29 million soldiers killed) results still are being tabulated.

One piece of real news, though: Valve announced that it's begun transitioning new inventory into the game, but until the update goes live, players won't see it.

That inventory should include new items for both Soldier and Demoman (check them out here) as well as new achievements - 35 each for both classes.

We'll update here with the final canvass.

VI Day! [Team Fortress 2 blog]


    But where is the long-promised DLC for the xbox 360 version??? Want! Need!

      lol.. xbox version.. you mean demo.. get a PC or cry some more!

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