Peek Into Dante's Inferno Gates Of Hell Demo

The Dante's Inferno Gates of Hell demo is now available for download on the PlayStation Network. Here's a glimpse of what Xbox 360 owners will be missing until the 24th.

Yes, I tend to harp on the fact that Xbox 360 owners have to wait two weeks for the demo, but it just seems so silly to me. Between the time-exclusive demo and the PlayStation 3 special collector's edition, I'm sure that at least a couple Xbox 360 owners are feeling a little alienated here.


    There isn't much need to "harp" on about it. The 360 has been getting earlier demos, exlcusive editions and DLC for ages. This and Arkham Asylum are the PS3 getting a few exclusives of its own.

    Maybe they're trying to get a few of us to sell our souls for it?

    Is there any reason why I can't find the Demo on PSN? I've searched for it countless times and it only comes up with Dante's inferno wallpapers..

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