PETA Deems The Sims 3 Most Animal-Friendly Game Of '09

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals don't hand out many video game awards, but when they do, they're generally about games that favour eating vegetables and tofu over meat. PETA's choice game of 2009? The Sims 3.

The organisation has lauded EA's life simulator as the "most animal-friendly game" of the year, otherwise known as PETA's Proggy Award. The animal-rights group praises The Sims 3 for its option to let players "choose a vegetarian lifestyle", letting Sims, "like their real-life counterparts, live longer, age more slowly, and feast on cruelty-free delights-from tofu dogs to ratatouille."

"EA's compassionate update to its perennial favourite shows commitment not only to animals but also to the game's players," writes PETA.

The Sims 3: Most Animal-Friendly Game of 2009 [PETA via Gamasutra]


    Hmm...a vegetarian diet qualifies a game for most animal-friendly game. Well done, Sims. Well done.

    Just wait until the inevitable Animal expansion comes out....

      Or the Abbatoir expansion...

    Stop giving these hypocritical psychopaths exposure.

    The sooner they fall the better. And the sooner you start ignoring them, the sooner they will go away.

      Bravo Brendan - Couldn't have said it better myself.

    Until they discover what was in those lunch meat sandwiches all along...

    Ugh, I'm with Brendan... honestly only a sad little person would buy/endorse a game because PETA validated it... they're a real authority on what a good game is, aren't they?

    PETA is a dickhead.

    Bacon is a vegetable

      Bacon is a food group

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