Picross 3D Finally Dated! For Europe!

Good news! While the Japanese have been enjoying three-dimensional nonogram bliss for the better part of the year with Rittai Picross, the localised, announced, but not dated Picross 3D has been pegged for a February 2010 release date! In Europe!

That's according to a report on the Nintendo DS follow up to Picross DS from Cubed3 which offers good news for serious Picross fans. If they live in Europe. The North American version of the game, still not dated and not on Nintendo of America's release list for "early 2010."

Of course, given the region unlocked nature of Nintendo DS games, gamers in North America can easily import the European version of Picross 3D after February 5 of next year, but that's little comfort and confuses the impression that Europe is the afterthought region.

So when I say "What do we want from Nintendo of America?!", you say "Picross 3D for North America!" And then when I say "When do we want it?!", you say "Before Europe!"

Ready? What do we want from Nintendo of America?

Nintendo Confirms Picross 3D for Europe [Cubed 3]


    One of my hobbies is speed solving the Rubik’s Cube, so I’ll probably eat this right up

    Oh, this is awesome. I loved Picross on DS! Fantastic puzzle mechanics - similar to Sudoku, but different at the same time. Really challenging in later levels too.
    Taking the whole mechanic into a 3D game leaves me wondering how the hell I'm going to manage when some 2D puzzles left me stumped, but I'm really looking forward to this one.

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