Plants Vs Zombies, IPhone, January

PopCap's excellent Plants vs Zombies has already been announced for the iPhone, but you know what hadn't been announced? Its release date.

According to the company's Facebook page, however, the game will be out on Apple's handheld in late January. So, around a month! Should be well worth the wait, as about the only thing better than PvZ is PvZ that you can carry in your pocket.

[PopCap @ Facebook]


    I haven’t played this game yet, let’s hope it is just as good as the best tower defense game of all time “Bloons tower defense 3”

    I’ve spent entire days playing this game.

    I already waste too much time on this thing as it is. Man, this is gonna be so freakin awesome!!!!1

    Plants vs. Zombies was one of my favourite games of this year, with an addictive tower defense gameplay style that kept me going for hours on end. Good to finally hear I'll be able to stuff it on my iPod and take it with me whereever I go. Even if it comes out at $9.99, it'd still be fantastic value for this game. Just like the game we know as Peggle.

    My life is now forfeit. I spent a huge amount of time playing PvZ on PC when it came out, and if I can take it with me (PvZ in bed, during meetings, on the train), I know I won't be able to put it down.
    Fantastic game, and it well and truly demonstrates Popcap's ability to create games that demand my wallet be forever open.

    This will be very nice. I played the demo, and loved it. I was about to buy the PC version before you announced the iPhone one, so I've been waiting awhile. Great to hear it's only 1 more month!

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