Playboy's Annual Batch Of Naked Game Girls Shows Surprising Trend

It's December. That means Playboy magazine dedicates a handful of pages from its end of year issue to naked video game characters, a marketing ploy typically reserved for the year's more forgettable games. But not this year.

While last year's spread featured naked versions of characters from games like Afro Samurai, Ride to Hell, Velvet Assassin, Saints Row 2, Damnation, and Rise of the Argonauts, this year features boobs from games venturing closer to AAA territory. That includes rendered tits and arse from God of War III, Heavy Rain, The Saboteur and Mafia II. It also means Crimecraft, but, hey, there are exceptions to this loose rule.

The veiny pinup with her yayas out up above? That's the lovely Beatrice from Visceral Games' Dante's Inferno. Below is a very naked Madison Paige from Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, one of two PlayStation 3 games due in early 2010.

If this is the kind of thing you enjoy, the January issue of Playboy magazine has the full "Playing Hard To Get" lineup of digital nakedness, sans Kotaku Censor Fish. It's the one with Tara Reid on the cover as featured at the equally NSFW link below.

Playboy January/February 2010 Issue []


    Kotaku Censor Fish - I've halibut enough of you!


    how did they make tara reid look like shit, her eyes look like satan is hiding behind them

      Well except for the eyes, they've actually airbrushed her pretty well - the best I've seen her look in years.

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