PlayStation 3 Cluster, Or Skynet?

Last month, we told you about the United States Air Force's plans to purchase around 2200 PlayStation 3 consoles to crunch some data with. Wonder what that kind of horsepower actually looks like?

Here's just a taste. This is the back room of the USAF Research Laboratory's information directorate in Rome, New York, and these are the branch's original allotment of 336 consoles. Which is terrifying enough. Factor in another 2200 and we're getting to the stage where Miles Dyson needs to be blown away.


    They have even got the hi-def TV hooked up

    and people thought it was a gaming machine... LOL

    While a cool pic, 336 x PS3's, its still just hard metal. What spins the wheels is the mega-MIPS those babies are throwing out :)

    I think it's a cover. They are massing this amount for the biggest Army 'MW2' LAN party ever.

    I bought a very early model PS3 but ... wouldn't this produce an insanely untolerable amount of heat

      Yeah, but all servers do which is why they've got it in a fancy server room which would have awesome cooling (asusmably). They're great if you're feeling a bit hot in summer!

    how can I turn my pc into a fridge

    I honestly wonder if that amount of machines could churn out an Artificial Intelligence. I mean... If that doesnt, what will!?

    Only 336? Should have 360 PS3's hooked up just to rub it in microsoft's face.

      LOL @ Marathon, Classic!

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