PlayStation Home Has Ten Million Registered Users

PlayStation Home is ten million strong, Sony announced today.

According to Dan Hill, Sony's European Home Business Manager, "PlayStation Home is fast becoming the meeting place of choice between users and developers."

For developers, Hill explains, Home helps to drive interest in games by offering an interactive, hands-on experience built around the game itself. "A game space in PlayStation Home ought to be a core element of every studio's marketing strategy for new titles."

While Sony clocks in ten million registered Home users, new game spaces for Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time and Uncharted 2 have opened up virtual spaces in Home.

Public beta testing for Home began in late 2008.


    I wonder how many of those 10 million are like me, try it once, shrug, and never use it again.

      That makes at least 2 of us.

      Wow I was about to comment almost exactly the same thing, creepy.

    Sony likes to boast about their garbage.

    I checked out Home and fell asleep simply pointless.
    I deleted it and my friends did the same.

    Sony counts every single person that has ever been on even for a second, they do not reveal the actual number of people who repeatedly use it or how many use it at the same time low, high and average numbers.

    I estimate the number would be around 10000 world wide.

    There probably are a lot who use it once. Just like there are a lot of people who buy games and never finish them.

    But every time I login, it is jammed with other people. It seems to have really good instancing, so it always feels like there is a big group, and it is pumping.

    If you bother to check out the spaces, there are quite a few really slick casual arcade style games to play - and it is free.

    The Sodium, Infamous, and Audi spaces all have excellent free games.

    If they integrated it with the rest of the ps3 system as a whole then it would of been a great idea. But having to log on and then go through all these remedial tasks just to get anywhere didnt make me stop playing the game, it made me shudder at the thought of ever being excited about it.

    we are all on bonerroad with playstation network thank to geohotz get a hair cut and get a real job

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