PlayStation Store Selling "Premium Avatars" In Hong Kong, Europe

The Hong Kong and European versions of the PlayStation Store now offer one more way to empty one's virtual wallet, one dollar at a time, with the release of "premium avatar packs" for the PlayStation 3's XMB.

The first of four avatar packs, each featuring three or four LittleBigPlanet-themed icons that can represent you on the PlayStation 3 cross media bar and friends list, are going for $8 in Hong Kong, which translates to about $AU1.17. In Europe, individual premium avatars are priced at £0.20/€0.25 each. Not a bad deal, should you have a dollar or two rotting in your wallet.

On the other hand, it's a formerly free thing now monetised, something Sony seems more and more interested in doing lately. Good for business, bad for people who want things given to them gratis.


    I am happy there will be some new pictures available... after 2 yrs and 9 mths (AU) it was getting abit boring...

    At 45c each on the AU store, will probably get a few down the track just for something different, but wish they would just flood the store with them so everyone could find something different...

    it's just an avatar, it's not as if they are difficult to make...

      But it isn't really less than a dollar for an avatar, is it? If you could buy seperately, yes, but buying avatars in bulk... who needs 4 avatars? I don't like the idea of having to buy 4 when I only want 1 or 2.

        The above reference is mainly aimed at the Hong Kong bundles...

        For the AU Store, all were individual items for the priced at 45c each... So at the moment there are no bundles for us, but it's proabably something that we will see in the future.

        45c each, or perhaps 5 for $2?

          Argghhh, makes no sense......

          * = For the AU Store, all were individual items, priced at 45c each...


    PS3 had avatars before this? Or did I read the article wrong: "On the other hand, it’s a formerly free thing now monetised, something Sony seems more and more interested in doing lately"

    Unless you mean that silly Home thing

    On a side note, did anyone else get God of War collection from Asia and it come with a code for a LittleBigPlanet theme for your PS3 XMB? It makes it out like its a premium theme (meaning animated) but mine is just static... something wrong?

      What Klue says is right about themes...

      Free = Free
      Premium = $$$
      Dynamic = $$$ + Animated

      On the subject of Avatars, you could also call them "Icons/Tiles" really, basically what the 360 had before they updated to the new XBOX experience...

      See the image, the bottom right of the screen, where it says "Hong Kong", to the left of that is the "Avatar/Icon/Tile"... that is the default one when someone hasn't picked one...

      At the release of the PlayStation, there were quite a few but they have never been updated, alot of them are really average and/or have nothing to do with gaming. It's com

    Premium does not mean animated - they call the animated ones "Dynamic".

    Premium just means "usually cost money".

    The standard avatar pictures are pretty poor (although I do like my Devil Dice character), so it'd be good to have some more options.

    Sony should play catchup and grab sackboy or those new ModRacer characters and allow people to use them as proper avatar models.

    I've always noticed the option to filter by "Premium" when browsing avatars, but there's never been any available on the store here. Oh well, I guess they'll show up eventually. I'd never pay for one, though.

    Does the avatars move? Or is it just like the regular ones we already have?

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