PM Studios Brings Gunbird 2 To The PSP

The wacky side-scrolling shooter action of Psikyo's Japanese arcade and Dreamcast hit Gunbird 2 goes portable, as PM Studios announces Gunbird 2 Remix for the PSP, coming this February to the PlayStation Network.

Gunbird 2 Remix is a remake of the original arcade shooter with all new 2D/3D hybrid graphics. All of the outrageous humour of the original game remains intact, with six playable characters with unique storylines and endings across the board. The game will be hitting the PlayStation Network in North America and Europe in February.

Gunbird 2 is one of PM Studios' first European releases, along with a retooled (read fixed) version of DJ Max Fever hitting the PlayStation Network in Europe and the US in January alongside the European release of Strikers 1945 Plus.

Gunbird is nice, but I've been going through some serious DJ Max withdrawal since I "upgraded" to a PSPgo. Thank goodness the PSN release is only a month away.

Check out the six playable Gunbird 2 Remix characters in wallpaper form, courtesy of PM Studios!


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