Pokemon Teaches Your Children To Worship Satan

Pok´mon, plural, turn kids into devil. They are monsters. And there's stabbing and shootings, too! Maybe it has something to do with the dark realm?

Demons take pokémon seriously. So does Satan. Oh, and some of you cannot go to heaven. Sorry!



    Why, just why do things like this have to happen, Pok'emon is the furthest thing from evil. I'm not saying religion is evil (it's not people are) but this fanatic is evil as he is using ignorance to further his cause, his religious cause.

    Ohwell.... back to me PS3, Nathan Drake must be the devils incarnate

    Shhh.... don't let Michael Atchinson see this.

    "Children had been STABBED by other children over Pokemon cards"!
    Hey buddy; it's not as bad as what religious extremists (just like yourself) have done to one another.

    This kind of preaching is just spreading HATE.
    Why not just be nice and accepting? Perhaps because it's the harder path to walk?

    Remember back in the 80s when gangs of kids would play D&D and then go out and shoot each other cause they thought that their friends would just come back tomorro?

    Who doesnt!?

      Do you remember the carnage caused by Troll Dolls? Or the bloody Furbie battles? Oh god, I was just a boy... the horror.... THE HORROR!!




    I love the irony when he starts ranting how the children are so caught up in their fantasy world that they can't tell the difference between that and reality.


    Damn. It.

    These guys need to focus less on Pokémon and more on Poverty.

    Hibbity hobbity monsters is the devil!

    ... What?

    Lol... just lol... I'll sum up what he said in a sentence... "everything I don't like or understand is bad for everyone!"... Come on, I grew up with Pokemon cards and I've never stabbed anyone or pumped them full of bullets with my forty five... xD

    This is hilarious, kids take up things like Pokemon as a fortress from the real world... that includes deluded nuts like this. He's more dangerous than any game could ever be...

    Oh for frick's sake! There's no hope for humanity is there?

    Is this guy an idiot?

    did you hear that! The Devil Takes Pokemon Seriously!! he trainer all his pokemon to lv 100.. and he LOOKS LIKE JIGGLYPUFF!!!

    Man is it me or is This guy possesede by the devil :p

    Way to make us Christians look awesome, tv evangelist! Don't forget to tell them about how evil rocks are, too!

    Myself along with 98% of the Christian community are currently facepalming.

      Oh please. This guy is an idiot. Pokemon is one of the farthest things from worshiping the devil and using evil magic. He jumps from battling with Pokemon to summoning evil spirits, which is just wrong. Not once does the game demonstrate how to summon demons in real life

    HAHA, I saw this earlier today on ToplessRobot. I find it hilarious as he says that pokemon are evil or somesuch and there's a pic of Jigglypuff on the screen. Cracked me up big time!

    Oh thank god.

    For a second, I thought Christianity was in a stupidly insane place.

    This video has convinced me otherwise.

    Especially after being stabbed for a Charizard...

    Lucifer can train the perfect Pidgeot...

    Whats more weird is that the people watching him are nodding.

    A couple of points that made me WTF...
    "They're so into this fantasy world" from a guy who is a profesional promoter of an intangible, omnipotent but unfelt being whose existence is "proved" by a book and rhetoric.
    "Kids pull out their .45s" He says this like it's the most common thing in the world. Guns don't kill people. Pokemon do...
    But then, it's more worrying to see people out in the audience re-writing their brains as he speaks.
    That's scary.

    the only evil i see in pokemon is the people doing the english dubbing 4kids like to hire hobos off the street for voice acting and its terrible

    How old is this? That looks like series 1.

    I honestly think the world would be a better place if all conflicts where solved via a pokemon battle.

    Possibly showing my age, I used to collect "Monsters in my Pocket" little plastic monsters based on mythology and other things. I had a religous aunt who went ballistic at me when she found them, threw them all out on me. Luckily I managed to get them back and kept them hidden when ever she came to visit.

    does he seriously believe that fucking KIDS stabbed each other over Pokemon cards?!?! what the fuck?! "pull out their .45"? since when do kids have .45's? some do, but there are exceptions to every rule. video games aren't so damn powerful that kids cant tell fantasy from reality! if that were the case then all kids would be insane! for fucks sake. religion is stupid. its just another way to control people. if people are making judgements to things like Pokemon based on religion then then we're all fucked. saying shit like that is just like pulling out a .45 like he said, shooting your fucking friend, and then thinking,"oh, i'll just turn off the machine and he'll be okay." and even if all that were really happening then it wouldn't have anything to do with satan.

    I've never seen anything more pathetic, nor stupid. The world without religion, would be a smarter, safer place. Enough said.

    and then theres skyrim

    pokemon is a demonic spirit

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