Pricey PS3 Fighting Stick Ready To Beat Up Dec. 24

Looking for a good fighting stick? Japanese peripheral maker Hori is releasing its latest Real Arcade Pro stick, the V3 SA, on December 24. That's, like, today.

Priced at ¥12,800 ($159) for the PS3, the V3 SA version has a slightly curved front instead of a sharp edge like some other older fighting sticks. It's easier on the hands. The stick and the buttons are all up to Japanese arcade spec.

HORI - リアルアーケードPro.V3 SA [Official Site]


    When does the Hori Ergonomic Fighting Stick- complete with memory foam boobs for extra wrist support- come out?

      You shouldn't be resting your wrists alot.

    I'm laughing at the time of the post. Came out today...about one second ago. :P

    Ummm, the post says its for the PS2 but the title says PS3 0.o

    That looks very nice. not sure about how short the stick is, Seems like it would make some combos a bit harder to do. But i think i'll trust Hori to have gotten it right.

    The joystick looks too close to the buttons for my liking. I've got a Fighting Stick 3 and the Tekken 6 stick, and I find them both a little cramped. This one looks worse.

    The slope on the front is a good idea, but the joystick looks as crappy as the ones that come standard with FS3 and Tekken 6 stick.

    must have. love this old school arcade feel.

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