Prince Of Persia Flick, A Look Behind The Scenes

After an endless slew of ho-hum video game adaptations, Prince of Persia appears to be something to get excited about. This is from the same folks who turned a Disneyland ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, into popcorn entertainment.

This short featurette features interviews with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Mike Newell, actress Gemma Atherton, actor Jake Gyllenhaal and Jake Gyllenhaal's abs.

News: Hot And Sexy New Prince Of Persia Featurette [Latino Review]


    I'm surprised they didn't interview his pectorals.

    Also, Donnie Darko sounds so awkward with a British accent... meh, this film will be as average as the games were IMO, but I might download it someday lol...

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