Prince Of Persia: The Movie: The LEGO Playsets

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is getting more than just a big budget film adaptation next year. It's also getting a LEGO brick adaptation of that very same movie. You know what that means? Chesty Jake LEGO!

According to the LEGO obsessed crew at Brickset, there will be at least five set pieces turned sets of LEGO pieces, featuring various Prince of Persia predicaments. These include Quest Against Time, Hassasins Hide Out, Fight For The Dagger, Battle of Almut and The Ostrich Race. That last set of LEGO appears to be the only one which may contain a shirtless Jake mini-fig, if that's the sort of thing you might be into.

All five sets—well, save for Hassasins Hide Out, which is not pictured—look like a lot of LEGO fun, but the set to own is clearly The Ostrich Race. It's not often that LEGO ostriches come along.

Prince of Persia LEGO Playsets [Brickset - thanks, Conor!]


    Mr Spoon can foresee a day where we have a video game based on the lego version of the movie version of the reboot of an old video game. Mr Spoon feels this is all getting rather too convoluted for him. Mr Spoon will go and lie down for a bit...

      I see no one gave Mr Spoon any pronouns for Christmas... dang.

    That cool, but nothing will top the Lego Star wars set, Lego AT-AT, AT-ST, X-wing. Those were my fav growing up, somehow next to those a shirtless Jake gyllenhaal just doesn’t cut it.

    Andrew: Um...wha? Me confused. :/

    I've never played Prince of Persia before (except the original :P) so I have no idea about any of those - but since The Ostrich Race has LEGO ostriches, it's epic win.

    While it will never beat the classic Pirate Lego (monkeys and sharks ftw) or star wars lego (holy crap that's an awesome AT-AT) - it will at least give the girls a chance for the ladies to see him go into pieces rather than them falling to pieces at the sight of his manly bare chest...

    ...yes that is jealousy speaking

    At 24 years of age i really need to stop buying Lego..

    Unfortunately the manufacturers are making that EXTREMELY hard for me to do such a thing...

    huzzah! more things i don't need to collect dust, yet i'll still crave anyway.

    Ah, how the human mind works is a beautiful thing

    My outer grown-up wants to see the end of this incessant LEGO-sploitation and a return to when LEGO was considered educational, but my inner child is clapping his hands and cackling with glee...

    I just hope they don't make another Lego game based on this. The past few were disappointing for me and didn't really do anything to revolutionize or update gameplay.

    It's not a play set there a theme

    Will Ubisoft use this as inspiration for their next Prince of Persia 'reimagining'?

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