PS2, Halo 3 Make The "Best Ads Of The Decade" List

Adweek today announced what they believe, as advertising experts, to be the best commercials of the past decade. And amongst the finalists were two video game spots.

Those ads - which made the final cut of 27 finalists - were "Mountain", for the PS2 (by TBWA in London), and "Diorama", for Halo 3 (by T.A.G. in the United States). Neither were able to win, however. That honour went to a Honda commercial featuring cartoon bunnies and flying Honda engines.

It's funny they went with "Diorama", and not the campaign for Halo 3: ODST, which I thought was much better.

As for "Mountain", that's fine, it's a great ad. I'm just happy they showed a little sense/taste and didn't pick that awful Gears of War "Mad World" commercial.



    On the side of things... It's a good ad and slogan, the series of US ads at the moment "It Does Everything" is on par with it. Though I've always felt that the single greatest PlayStation ad was "Double Life"

    Even now it can still give me chills, when the litte kid has "conquered worlds"...

      ** - On the "PlayStation" side of things...

      missed a word...

    haha the ps2 one was awesome

    I disagree, I found the ODST commercial incredibly corny :/ “Diorama” was great.

    ODST commercial corny? LOL

    Anyway, just ignore that weirdo.

    I guess an excuse could be that, well in Australia anyway, that Diorama was actually shown on TV and the ODST one wasn't. I found the ODST one to be more viral rather than a TV advert, even though it was fit to be shown on TV. I'm sure it was in the US anyway, but from what i saw of it, it was only on the internet.

    Oh ALSO - i totally forgot that advert was for the PS2. There are always those adverts that so popular or like a lot but never actually pay attention or remember what they're for.

    That is one of them, even though it is a great advert.

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