PS3 Exclusive Quantum Theory Theorises A Release Date

Tecmo's third-person-shooter Quantum Theory for the PS3 has been dated for Japan.

Quantum Theory is penciled in for March 25.

The game was developed by Tecmo's Team Tachyon, which recently developed Undead Knights and before that Wii title Rygar: The Battle of Argus. Quantum Theory features a cover system a la Gears of War. The spin is that the environment is "living", so ideal cover can disappear.

The release comes in two flavours: standard and limited editions. The ¥9,980 limited edition one is packed with a special art book, a soundtrack CD and a character download code for multiplayer. Standard version is ¥7,980.


    Didn't this get announced for X360 too?

      Yes, it did get announced for both platforms a few days ago.

      From what i believe, PS3 in Japan and Xbox 360 in Western world. No doubt the PS3 is being released outside Japan too though.

      This is the Japan release, hence no sign of Xbox 360.

    When your biggest selling pitch is your 'cover system' is just like that of another game? Epic fail...

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