PS3 Slim Could Have Been Smaller, Used Network Storage

The PS3 Slim was a decent attempt at reducing both the size, and the cost, of the original PlayStation 3. But did you know Sony were considering making some more drastic changes?

In an interview with Nikkei, SCE's Masayuki Chatani, from the company's strategy planning department, has revealed that not only were Sony looking at making the Slim even smaller, but that they were looking at some fairly radical solutions to the problems of HDD sizing.

One of those was to use flash memory instead of the conventional HDD the PS3 currently uses, which would have cut down on the size, running costs and even noise levels of the console.

Another was to leave local storage out of the equation altogether, and instead rely on the PlayStation Network to save all of a user's game data, personal files and settings (similar to how Gmail works, for example).

Chatani says Sony "considered both options", but in the end, "felt that the price would be too high for the amount of storage capacity the PS3 needs", so they stuck with a conventional HDD.

He also says, when comparing the Slim with the PS2's redesign - a model that made far more drastic cuts to the dimensions of the console than the Slim has managed - that reducing the size of the PS3 even further was a possibility, but that in order to do so, the machine's power supply would have to have been made external (as it was on the PS2 Slim), which "would have imposed restrictions on transport and use, making it harder to use freely."

PS3, PSP Made Smaller, Lighter to Capture New Customer Segments [Nikkei]


    Maybe they can do this to the PS4?

    You're thinking a bit ahead Aaron, The PS4 probably hasn't even been thought of yet.

      It surely has been thought of since that's what an R&D department spends all its time doing... but it's fair to say that the final specs have probably not been agreed.

    Whats to stop them doing this in the future when sales eventually fall off

    Flash sounds stupid. Especially when it isn't that expensive to change the HDD in the PS3 to something 250GB or more.

    The Playstation network however seems like the way to go for future consoles.

    Installing data from a BRD to a cloud on the PSN would be so counterproductive. No one's internet connection can download faster than they can stream from a HDD or BRD drive.

    What a stupid idea.

    This is ridiculous. SATA HDD's are tiny. It would take up maybe 5% of the overall volume of the PS3 slim.

    It's still the power supply, BR drive and cooling systems that take up the majority of the space inside.

    Cloud storage sucks. its a media center, people want to store stuff on it to watch.

    An ever better idea would have been to just build the stupid thing to read SMB shares rather than using DNLA which is freaking useless.

    Cloud storage is all well and good unless you don't have your PS3 hooked up to the internet.

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