PS3 Update 3.15 Makes PSP Minis Maxi

The PlayStation 3 gets an option 3.15 update on December 17th, adding the ability to transfer data between two consoles as well as making PSP minis playable on the PS3.

The rumors were true after all. Update 3.15 will make the PSP mini emulator run on the PlayStation 3, allowing you to play your bite-sized games on a much larger screen...which I suppose you could already do by hooking up your PSP to the television, but it's all about a seamless experience, right?

Having recently purchased a PSPgo myself, I've browsed the minis section quite often, in the same way one might stand in front of a fridge filled with moldy food, wondering if they really are that hungry.

The update also adds PS3 data transfer functionality, giving those upgrading to a newer model the ability to connect two consoles via a LAN cable and swap data, which would have been incredibly handy for me four months ago.

Soooo. Did we mention Yakuza 3?

PS3 System Software Update – 3.15


    Seems like a smart idea, PSP players play for portability, so why not give PS3 only owners the option to pay for the same game? Not sure how well it will look on my 42" LCD though...

    certainly a nice idea... i am worried the games will look horrible on a big screen... but time will tell...

    as for the data transfer.. are there more details on this anywhere? I assume its a one way street meaning the data will be gone from the other console?

    what i'd really like to see is a way to share save game data between consoles that isn't a pain in the arse... i've got 2 systems and really would like to continue playing games on either box...

    microsoft and sony need to introduce cloud save support damn it!! lol

    Data Transfer FTW!!!! awesome idea!

    if they can run a psp mini emulator i wonder if that means......

    dam nothing for me in this update, oh well, i still love updates

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