Puzzle Quest Developer Cuts Staff

More sad news for the Australian development community today as we hear word that Melbourne's Infinite Interactive, creator of Puzzle Quest, has today laid off just over 10% of its staff.

Inititally, an anonymous source had told me eleven people were laid off, or one quarter of the total staff - a significant number for a studio of Infinite's size. However, according to studio head, Steve Fawkner:

"We actually let 6 people go today. It's always terrible that people need to be let go, but this was part of a small downsize after a large project (Puzzle Chronicles) finished with Konami. Ordinarily, we'd keep everybody on staff while we started our next projects, but with the rising Australian Dollar, unfortunately we can't.

The Puzzle Quest 2 team has been unaffected by this and it's definitely full steam ahead for them - the game is looking and playing fantastic."

Infinite Interactive are best known for the hit puzzle-RPG Puzzle Quest, released to much acclaim and commercial success in 2007. Its follow-up, Galactrix, released earlier this year, did not meet with the same reception and its poor sales are surely another reason why the studio has had to make cuts.

The recently announced Puzzle Quest II remains unaffected and is set for release on XBLA and DS in autumn next year.

The layoffs at Infinite Interactive come shortly after Krome Studios lost up to 30 people last month and Transmission Games closed its doors in October.


    Infinite Interactive are a Melbourne company, not Sydney...

      It's been a long day.

    What about those guys who Good Game followed? Are they still there?

      Yes, well one is. The other decided to decline the job offer and go back to university.

    A friend of mine was one of the six.

    It's disheartening that an Australian company with such successful products has been forced to make layoffs. Think of these guys next time you cheer on the Australian dollar while thinking of the cheap games you'll be able to buy from overseas!

    It seems they forgot to change to root password on the webserver...

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