Puzzlegeddon, Alien Breed Are Your XBLA Games Of The Week

Microsoft has been keeping us largely abreast of its holiday release plans warning us of the impending Alien Breed invasion on Xbox Live Arcade for weeks now. But there's a new danger - Puzzlegeddon!

The Pieces Interactive puzzle game will join Alien Breed Evolution Episode 1 on Xbox Live Arcade this week. Both games will set you back 800 Microsoft Points or $US10-ish (or $AU13.20 - AU Ed.).

Puzzlegeddon & Alien Breed Evolution [Xbox.com]


    What happened to Qix++?

      Like I said in the other thread you asked this, Qix++ is not available in Australia.

      I read a rumour that there was some kind of issue with Taito licencing in Australia, which seems plausible, as the last few Taito games weren't released here either.

        Bubble Bobble and Space Invaders have come out here this year, both are Taito games.

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