Qix++ Is Probably Your XBLA Game Of Next Week

If you're not excited about the possibility of playing a new Qix game on your Xbox 360, I can only assume that you've never played Qix. Or Gal's Panic, but I find that actually harder to believe.

Regardless of your feelings about Tatio's arcade classic Qix, it appears that Microsoft will release the modern-day update to the game on Xbox Live Arcade next week. At least in Japan, Qix++ is scheduled for a December 9 release, priced at 800 Microsoft Points. We wouldn't be surprised to see North America and Europe and every other continent follow suit.

12 月の「Deal of the Week」他、最新のXbox LIVE マーケットプレース情報! [Xbox Japan via GamerBytes]


    Is it wrong for me to have never have heard of any of the titles stated in this post?

      I am with you.

      So am I. I don't think we would be in the minority either.

      Never heard of them myself.

        Looks like I'll be revoking plenty of hardcore gamer credentials today.

          Old Gamer credentials maybe...

    Oh man this is an instabuy from me. Hopefully they kept a mode with the ultra-clean visuals and hypnotic visuals and sound of the original. I like Volfied style but much prefer zoning out on Qix.

    Ah, Qix.. Loved that game. Was the second game I ever owned on my Game Boy.

    Qix was awesome and insanely difficult!
    Played the arcade versions through MAME and played the game on my C64..

    So much fun to kill time.

    I remember both Qix and Gal's Panic I played that for what seemed like hours back at Las Vegas in Brisbane... Ahh 20c arcade machine how I miss thee. And that was in the 40c/60c era.

    Basically you draw a Box to uncover bits of the screen while avoiding enemies as you where vulnerable when drawing.

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