R.U.S.E. Beta Keys Deployed To V.I.P.s

Did you register for the R.U.S.E beta? Then you may want to check your e-mail and make sure your Steam account is in good standing. Ubisoft kicked off the game's V.I.P. beta program today.

The R.U.S.E. beta test program going live today is a positive sign that the real-time strategy game will make its early 2010 release date, but we'll wait patiently for a "going gold" announcement and solid confirmation from the publisher before getting too excited.

For those that did get in, let us know what you think. We've messed around with the game at various events and were generally impressed with the ability to play the thing with an Xbox 360 controller and with its simple on the surface, deep underneath strategic gameplay.

Kotaku AU Note: We had three keys to give away, but they're gone now. Sorry!


    This game is completely and utterly awesome. Risk meets Generic WW2 RTS meets poker. Many ways to win and play.

    Complaints so far; I've run into some early rush\spammers so there's obviously balance issues, as well as smacktards who spam white noise over the mic, forcing you to retreat due to lack of a mute function.

    In fact, I think if you have a mic it contstantly is sound-activated, as during some matches what I thought was sound glitches turned out to be noises coming from my opponents end. Eventually I had a full-blown fellow Aussie "good game mate" after a match, which knocked me off my seat. Creepy stuff.

      Ah, I also completely neglected to put "Close Combat" in there with the others as to the feel of this game. I had done so because I completely forgot about it, and only managed just now to pin a name on why this game feels so familiar.

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