Randy Pitchford Teased Borderlands Vehicle Plans, Noted PC Concerns And Handled Your Calls

For 70 minutes today Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford was game to talk about anything and everything you could throw at him, and even indulged my ridiculous questions about robbing banks and talking to Old Navy employees. Download it all now.

Catch Pitchford on all that, plus his take on the game industry's crediting practices and the two design imperatives behind Borderlands' Lilith character on today's show. Oh, and Owen Good has another good rant that we bring Randy back on the show to address.

If you're pressed for time, check out the last 15 minutes. I think they're the best, though it's all good.

Host: Stephen Totilo Guest: Randy Pitchford

Download The Show Through These Means: Chatting With Borderlands' Randy Pitchford [Blog Talk Radio] Chatting With Borderlands' Randy Pitchford [iTunes]


    Borderlands is 1 of my poorest games purchase choices to date. Buggy as hell, I'd be lucky to have played it for 10 hrs. I'd ask for my money back except I know I have buckleys chance of getting it :(

      Yet your name is Roland! Coincidence? I think not

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