Rapstar Teases Song Selection

4mm's Rapstar intrigued me at E3, but music games live and die by their tracklists, not their good intentions. And neither of these new "trailers" for the game give any hints whatsoever.

Indeed, the only clues as to tracks we can expect when the game ships sometime in 2010 come from this single screenshot, above, which is... eclectic, quality like Dre and Snoop's "G Thang" and Pete Rock & C. L. Smooth's "They Reminisce" joined by stuff like...Gold Digger and Live Your Life, which I now can only think of as "that song from The Hangover".

Ah well. These games can't help but try and cover all the bases. It's how money is made.

And hey, it could be worse. Much worse.


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