Reader Review: Asphalt 5

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This review was submitted by Ben Latimore. If you’ve played Asphalt 5, or just want to ask Ben more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Asphalt 5 (iPhone/iTouch)

The Asphalt racing series burns rubber on the iPod touch/iPhone once again with instalment no. 5. Does the series finish the race on top, or stall the engine at the post?


Combination Gameplay: Asphalt combines two genres – serious racing like Need for Speed, and smash ‘n’ crash racing like Burnout, and comes out on top with a fun, easy-to-control design.

Vroom, Vroom! One of the best looking games on the iPod/iPhone line, with special effects galore and detailed racetracks. Along with some well-made beats included ingame, you can use your own music on your iPhone/iTouch – it’s fantastic to blast along at 400kph and take in the beauty.

Controls Like A Beauty: Asphalt 5 is the best controllable arcade racer available on the iPhone/iTouch to date – three different control styles are included, satisfying everyone who would want to play.

So Much To See And Do: With unlockable tracks, cars, parts, paintjobs and even girl models with bonuses, over 50 events in career, weekly online challenges and local/online multiplayer on top, there’s always a good race to be had here.


Burning Plastic: I noticed that, after about 20 minutes of Asphalt 5, my iPod actually started to burn at the base a little. I can understand how that could happen, but it tends to hurt a little if you accidentally touch it.

Asphalt 5 should be considered the new bar for racers to reach on the iPhone, with fun to be had, stuff to be unlocked and speed to burn your eyes out. A must buy.

Reviewed by: Ben Latimore

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