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This review was submitted by Zack Rhodes. If you’ve played Borderlands, or just want to ask Zack more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Borderlands (360)

Borderlands is an FPS/RPG hybrid by Gearbox Software. Set in the desolate inhospitable landscapes of the planet Pandora, Borderlands sets itself apart not only with its unique art style but also with its brutal, unforgiving gameplay.


Co-op: In a land of XBL and PSN most so-called 'hardcore' games forget split-screen co-op. But here the split-screen is fantastic and one of the best co-op experiences I've had in this generation of consoles. Online, Borderlands is just as good having four-player co-op with the same great duel system featured in the split-screen, great loot and enemy leveling system.

Loot: I love loot, I love loot and Borderlands has some awesome loot. Gearbox advertised something like 23 bazillion guns and on the first playthrough you won't notice. But on the second playthrough you'll notice when you get a gun which is different to the gun you got first time around, it really adds to the game and it isn’t a chore to level up your character.


Quest? If you've done a quest and then are told to do it again in multiplayer, your mission indicator will tell you you've already done the quest. This can cause confusion when the host hasn't. I really got sick of this very quickly.

Gear? For a FPS/RPG aimed at the hardcore Borderlands is noticeably absent of armour. It really is a surprising move for a game with such a niche target market to be missing one a staple of the RPG genre.

I loved Borderlands, the guns, the classes, the comedy it just works so well a few minor gripes and glitches mar the experience but will most likely be fixed with a title update. A great game for any fan of FPS or loot.

Reviewed by: Zack Rhodes

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    considering how clusterfcku awesome this game is, this review fails to tell me that

      Considering how awesomely clusterfkduc this game is, this review failed to tell me that.

        Considering how awesomely sdflkjhsdgfd this game is, this review failed to tell me that.

    Yeah well I only had three hundred words and I was trying not to be bias

    One question Kotaku, How do i collect my mad loot? but really I want my DVDs

    I got the game on the PS3 and I got bored within the hour, returned it and got Tekken 6 instead.

    I've been playing heaps on the Steam version, both single player and online co-op, and it's been a blast.

    The only hiccup I've come across was on my first online game, the host left the game before I did, so I lost some quest progress.. once we had that figured out, I've just left the game before the host every time since and no problems.

    We (the people I play co-op with) also haven't had any connectivity or hosting issues. We just opened the ports in the readme.txt exactly as described (some TCP/UDP, some TCP only, some UDP only etc) and were all able to host games without problems.

    I'm not saying that other people aren't having problems, but this game is totally worth every dollar, especially if you enjoy FPS + Diablo style games ;)

    The game is awesome on PC (looks heaps better than console, sorry had to say it) and perfect for small Lans. GET IT! One bought game does one small lan. Awesome fun. Just awesome.

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