Reader Review: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is an action packed FPS that has come under a lot of fire from the ethics police worldwide. This review offers a synopsis of its three areas; single player, spec-ops and multiplayer.


Single Player: The storyline: Looking back on the single player experience, if that was all the game was I still would have been more than happy with the asking price of between AUD$80-AUD$120.

Spec-Ops: Nostalgia: The Spec Ops missions that I've played so far are modified slightly from the single player missions of both the first CoD4 as well as MW2. They are quick, fun and you can bring in a mate for some co-op action.

Multiplayer: Close games: I have not seen any games where the losing team has been more than 5 kills behind the victor twice in a row. This was the problem with CoD4, once a team started losing they lost all momentum and they kept losing.


Single Player: Length: I love FPSs and by law I play all FPS games on the hardest setting from the word go. Although great while it lasts, the campaign is too short; it took me just under 6 hours of playtime to finish. For an epic like this, points were lost.

Spec-Ops: Finding a worthy doppelganger: Not a fault of the game at all, but this was the worst part.

Multiplayer: No dedicated servers: As an Australian gamer, I'm used to getting the raw end on most deals but when it was said that a P2P system was being implemented for multiplayer, Infinity Ward almost lost my business. Most games are bearable, but on many occasions the deciding factor between living and dying is latency.

Reviewed by: Aaron Cass

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    $120? thats just stupid.

    I felt really disillusioned by MW2 story line. The story really lacks any tone and is always right in your face yelling stuff.
    I think that may be part of the reason the All Ghillied Up mission in COD4 worked so well. It provided a nice change of pace
    and an opportunity to explore from a different angle. At the end of MW2 it was just, achievement unlocked nice, time to move
    on to Spec Ops/ Multiplayer.
    Oh and that damn space mission. What a letdown and waste of opportunity.

    Did you complete veteran with aim-assist off? That stretched the campaign out for me and got me ready for online.

    The single player experience was the worst I've played in a long time.

    It felt as if the the devs said "Cant be bothered thinking up anything original, lets just rip off as many cool, epic, action sequences from movies as possible and make up a story to connect them all.

    I mean that run through the shower block scene was basically transplanted from The Rock...

    So yeah, it was just too in your face all the time to have any impact...I compare this and COD4 and I realise just how good the previous game was.

      you do realise that nearly every level in every FPS game is heavily inspired by action movies from the last 30 or so years.

        Nothing in the HL series was ripped off XD
        Good ol' valve with their originality... but screw them for L4D2 and their own time frame.

          you serious? i could name heaps of unoriginal things in the half life series. im not going to because it's 5.25 on friday and time to go home!
          later sk8trs

      yeah that shower seen is also in the rainbow 6 alcatraz level its like they wanted to bust someone out of the alcatraz but couldnt fit it in

      and speaking of the rock for the rest of the game price was sean connery for me, as well as the run to the top of the whitehouse to prevent the bombing = nicolas cage runnig to the front of alcatraz with green flares to avoid being bombed

      that whole chase sequence through the markets felt pointless because you were never actually chasing him if you wanted you coulda sat at the start of the level and he still wouldnt have gotten away

      also for a game on realism a snowmobile cant jump that huge ass gap

      the space station exploding still makes no sense considering distance at most it woulda pushed it away not obliterated it

      and as usual the twist is so friggen obvious both times

      oh and the whole graveyard of planes could also be construed as coming from nick cage movie con air

      nott to mention the unrelenting linearity of the game

    cheap... cheap...

    Storyline. Really?
    That is probably one of COD weakest points in all series.

    They try to throw so much in and it just gets tangled in its own mess. Plot twists fail miserably with a sudden death here and there. People turning on you and becoming the enemy.

    It's all cliche IMO - but COD4 is no doubt the greater storyline the COD has offered thus far.

      You need to lighten up man, MW2 is light entertainment to frame and present the weaponry. Defending Burger Town? Funny stuff.

    Doesn't make sense to me, you indicate the single player story was too short, the spec-ops was the worst part of the game, and the multiplayer games in Australia are only just bearable due to the latency, YET you're willing to still pay $80 - $120 for it.

    I commend you on submitting a review Aaron, however I must say that it sounds like you represent the customers EA are relying on conning into happily accepting poor value for money. But that's just my viewpoint, YMMV.

    It's not the lack of dedicated servers, it's the fact there's no local filter for the matchmaking - they even had one in COD:WAW, so its absence in MW2 is unforgiveable.

      doesnt change the inabilty to kick the hackers/glitchers or the fact that if i leave a laggy match because of lag i get a loss on my score tab(not me but some people are pissy about it) or the fact that theres no pro mod to nerf the noobs running around with dual shottys

      i remember IW said akimbo was side arms only but that went out the window, no way could you reload half those guns one handed

    how much did you pay or was your copy free

    theres better DLC around than the trash the SP forked out

    Multiplayer: Close games: I have not seen any games where the losing team has been more than 5 kills behind the victor twice in a row. This was the problem with CoD4, once a team started losing they lost all momentum and they kept losing

    yeah this is because 60% of the time the guy you just killed spawns behind you to shoot you in the back if you dont w8 for him

    and because the matches never go long enough to actually create a difference normally people are getting there KS just as the match ends 75kills is not enough for an 8-8 game

      Stinky - Yep, vet mode with no aim assists ftw.
      Sharmona - Yeah I noticed all of the movie references, it didnt really bug me though as with all the movies in the world it'd be hard to come up with something that you deem "original"
      Thermal Ions - I think you misread, I loved the Spec-Ops, the worst part of the games I played were finding a decent housemate to play with.
      Alinos - I didnt actually buy the game, a mate of mine bought it for me at JB for $79, but I think that sale is over now

        no I wasnt disagreeing with you. I noticed all the movie influence and quite enjoyed it.

    Why did it take so long for a reader review of MW2 to be published?

    Surely with so many people buying the game, I assumed it would have a review up soon after release.

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