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This review was submitted by Quinn Schwab. If you’ve played Dragon Age: Origins, or just want to ask Quinn more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360)

BioWare are well known for creating RPG masterpieces and Dragon Age: Origins is no exception. It's clearly similar to KotOR and Jade Empire, but with slightly more action-based combat and more complex character building.


Bloody mess: The combat is more interesting than KotOR where everything was too clean and there only seemed to be a few animations for everyone. Dragon Age has much more varied visuals as well as some lovely screams of pain and effort that you hear during battle, and who doesn't love to see the blood still on their faces during cut-scenes?

Presentation: Dragon Age isn't the best looking game, but it is good, and it stays good throughout the entire game. The voice acting is terrific and the sound effects are good and varied enough that I never noticed repeated or irritating sounds. Some of the music is really quite impressive, giving the game (and anything you are doing at the time) a very epic feel.

It's personal: The story in Dragon Age is, in one word, epic. The characters have all got clearly identifiable personalities and I couldn't help but find myself caring about most of them. You actually feel bad when your party members disapprove of something you choose to do.


White elves can't jump: There are invisible walls jutting out from nowhere, shallow puddles you can't walk through, ledges you can't walk up, but you can stand on if you use the ramp. I don't mind if there's no jump button in a game, but design the levels so I don't need one. But I played the game for 12 hours straight without these problems really bugging me.

I finished the game in about 35 hours on normal difficulty, and that's far from 100% complete. This game is the perfect style of RPG; complex skill trees, lots of choices, no button mashing, epic story and many hours worth of gameplay. Everyone should pick this one up.

Reviewed by: Quinn Schwab

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    Again with the full article on the front page? Ahah, your getting sloppy.

    You forgot to put the break tag for the main page preview, the entire post is displayed and it is mighty long XD

    and who doesn’t love to see the blood still on their faces during cut-scenes?

    me, it was ridiculous and by the end of the game i was just over it

    poor form bioware

      on my pc version options, there was a tick box to remove blood on cut scenes. Makes a big difference.

    There are no jump buttons because it was made to be played birds eye view style. Do people complain when your characters cant jump in warcraft 3?

      Fair enough, but it hasn't been presented in a birds eye style. It's a third person RPG not a (essentially) 2D RTS. The problem is the inconsistency. For example some ledges I can walk straight up, others that appear exactly the same (and you can get on top of if you go up the stairs) you can't walk up. When I encounter them I expect to be able to get up and I can't, so I feel a jump button would be necessary. If the levels were designed better and more consistently then it would be fine.

      As I said, it was only a small issue anyway :)

    i liked it, but it really felt just like Neverwinter Nights with better graphics. There wasn't enough new stuff

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