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This review was submitted by Dean Henderson. If you’ve played The Game Glut, or just want to empathise with Dean, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

The Game Glut (360, Xbox, PS3, PS2, PSP, PSone, PC, iPhone, Wii, Mac, DS, nGage)

The last few months to any serious gamer have been both a blessing and a complete nightmare. Triple A titles have been coming thick and fast and unless you are completely unemployed and rolling around in “Arab money” you would be hard pressed to be on top of all the gaming that needs to be done. How do I feel about this abundance of this digital bliss?


Kid in a candy store: Enter any gaming retail store at the moment and you find yourself spoilt for choice. Everything from awesome first person shooters to super hero stealth games stare at you begging for your attention.


My credit card statement: A conservative estimate of gaming costs over the last few months leads to a very big number. There are only so many times you can stand solemn looking with your game of choice in hand hoping for the pity purchase from your girlfriend, relative or random passerby before shame sets in.

The mint exchange rate: Any visitor to Australia’s mint are aware of the strange practice that is engaged by its guests. For the princely sum of three dollars you can in return receive shiny new one dollar coin. Desperate times have led many gamers to pursue this approach to get their gaming fix. Choose three games that you have loved and cherished, enter your store of choice and part ways with the memories just to ensure you can keep up with the latest releases.

Festivus Focus: Many big wigs seem to believe the only time games can be sold in bulk is the lead up to the holiday season. I implore these people to rethink this strategy and understand I have money and time all year round to spend on their products.

Overall there is really nothing to hate about the onslaught of killer apps. You can never have too much of a good thing. It is just a shame these good things often outweigh the funding I can direct to them.

Reviewed by: Dean Henderson

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    Arab money?

      my guess would be Oil Tycoons... or anyone from Dubai...

      Yeah, he's pronounced it wrong.
      It's supposed to be A-Rab money.
      Like as in the kind of money a Ray Rabbitoes Warren impersonator makes each year.

        ahhhhh why didnt you say

    I feel Ive outgrown games in the sense that I dont have the time, nor the patience for anything that isnt TF2 these days...

    A novel take on things Dean.

    I agree...I am feeling the pain of this gaming glut too. I'm constantly looking at my gaming system and saying, "Awww man...there's that game...and that one...when the fluff am I going to get to you!?" etc.

    Imagine if all the tiles that were bumped to early next year had landed.

    I suffer from severe trade in remorse, really severe.

    I have longing memories for every game I have ever traded in, for me each one is a kitten in a burlap sack tossed in a damn.

      I have never EVER traded in anything.
      so many memories!

    I feel you on the money pain issue. I landed a new job so I was hopeful of saving for a car. I had a game or two on my radar but I was sure I could wait for the others. But lo and behold, come release week no matter how many times I told myself it could wait, I ended up throwing down that newfound cash. Now I'm stuck for choice.

    Quite the first world problem.

    actually where i live, every EB has a terrible selection of games. All they have left in stock are overpriced $110 games and then a truckload of used games which i dont want.

    I want to know where you got the shelving. Custom-made? I always have issues with running out of enough appropriately-sized shelving for my games...

    The mint exchange rate is a good way to get new titles cheap if you do it right.
    You just buy 3 games you would never want for <$20 each, then trade them straight back.

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