Red Dead Redemption Gets The History Channel Treatment

Give me a good ol' Western trailer any day - horses, guns and desperadoes. When I say that, though, I don't mean add a History Channel voiceover.

Not that the History Channel can't paint a picture of the Old West just as well with some grainy-voiced fellow walking you through the environment. I just feel the need to restrain myself and not yell stuff like "Yee-haw, woo doggie" because history deserves more respect than I learned from growing up in Texas.

Anyway, here's the trailer:


    They should have hired Ken Burns for the voiceover.

    where the hell are the rest of the comments. this looks amazing. surely the game can't run that well on ps3 and 360.

    The game looks fkn superb. THE western game everyone has been waiting for. I mean I loved GUN but this will blow it out the water!

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