Red Dead Redemption's Second Trailer Forgives Nothing, Debuts

There may be people who don't like Rockstar's games, but is there anyone who disputes their trailer-making skills? Watch.

Here's the new trailer for Red Dead Redemption, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 western sequel, slated for April 2010.

A company rep confirmed that the action in this trailer, as is Rockstar tradition, is composed of in-game, in-engine graphics. Nothing pre-rendered.


    The voice syncing in that looked amazing! I am very very excited about this, the first one was very good, and the multiplayer was pretty imaginative too!

    looks superb

    It sounds like the same guy who voiced Johnny in Lost and Damned...

    This looks very promising! Any idea who the voice actor is for the main character? He sounds familiar.

    looks very interesting definetely on my radar for 2010. In GTA IV you could watch tv and live shows hopefully they do something similar here- going to the theatre or rodeos or a good old sing-a-long in a saloon.

    i really like the music. i want the soundtrack.

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