Report: Japanese Kids Don't Really Want Game Consoles This Christmas

According to a survey on TV Tokyo's news, the least popular present this Christmas are video game consoles. Japanese children up to the age of 12 were asked what they wanted for Christmas.

Here are the results...

...from most popular to least:

1. Video game software (over 450 kids said this) 2. Pretty Cure goods (over 100 kids said this) 3. Anpanman goods 4. Books (picture book, book, illustrated encyclopedia) 5. Kamen Rider goods 6. Bicycle 7. Toy car 8. Clothes 9. Stuffed animal 10. Video game console

Since most children already have at least one video game console, that of course could explain the lack of desirability.

2009年のXbox360の空気っぷりと低空飛行っぷりがよくわかるグラフ [はちま起稿]


    they want more BOOZE!

    Is it a Buckcherry T-Shirt? cause ive been looking for one of those for aaaagggeeesss now.

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