Report: Nintendo Scaling Back Wii Production

According to a report from Nikkei, Nintendo has begun the process of reducing the number of Wiis being manufactured.

The report says that two Japanese companies - Mitsumi and Hosiden - are facing massive losses in revenue this year due to the "declining fortunes" of the Wii and a "drop-off in orders from Nintendo to assemble game systems".

Both companies are now staring at a drop in net profits of more than 50%.

It's funny. It took Nintendo years to ramp up Wii production. They sure cut it back quick enough.

As Nintendo's Wii Stumbles, Parts Suppliers' Earnings Tumble [Nikkei, subscription required]


    sign of Wii HD or Wii 2 coming....

      No the sign of an already HD and now cheaper 360 and PS3 starting to dominate the market..

      The wii had a good run..

    Now they have manufactured 6 billion units or so, Nintendo is focusing on marketing the system to the last 6 dozen people.

    The end is wii.

    how about a black wii ffs!

    Weird though... Wii related products are still selling fairly well, although is the General Public getting sick and tired of the Wii? It's really starting to show its age... tbh It's more of a Novelty.

    Perhaps they're trying to get people to on focus new software rather than just wii sports in the box. Let's see there's wii fit, wii fit+, wii music (possible wii music 2) wii sports resort....hmmm scratch that. Think i'll just hold out till the new zelda wii, which may come out end of next year...i hope. XD

    What the hell are you guys talking about? Wii production has been MASSIVE for a long time. They have sold tens of millions of units. At some point, market saturation is going to happen and they are gearing up for that. This is not a sign of the Wii being unsuccessful.

    It's a sign that it is SO successful that everyone who is interested in one in any way already has one. It means they have served their potential market to capacity and have made a king's ransom in profit.

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