Report: Sony Working On Multi-Core Design For PS4

Just because Sony said that the PS3 would have a 10-year life span, that doesn't mean the company isn't apparently moving forward with the PlayStation 4.

According to insider info (along with some speculation!), Japanese website PC Watch is reporting that Sony is looking to alternatives to the PS3's Cell architecture, which some developers have found to be challenging. One early alternative include Cell and Intel's Larrabee. Wanting a bit more horsepower, Sony has apparently abandoned this plan. Sony was also apparently considering a modified version of the Synergistic Processor Unit, but is now supposedly working on designs that include a mulit-core CPU.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are all believed to be exploring new system architecture. And with the exception of a possible Wii HD, PC Watch Impress states that it takes 24 months to produce new consoles, making 2011 difficult for new hardware and 2012 or even as late as 2013 more possible.

However, PC Watch Impress notes that new handhelds will pre-date new home console hardware - so by that assumption, the PSP2 will be released before the PS4.

【後藤弘茂のWeekly海外ニュース】 揺れるSCEの次世代ゲーム機「PlayStation 4」プラン [PC Watch Impress]


    The PS3's powerful as it is, a multi-core design is going to make it an absolute beast. Though I wonder, the system will have to be quite large, I'd think bigger than the original PS3, or the multi-core drives'll be small, otherwise. I wonder what a PS4 Slim will look like?

    I wonder if they'll try to make it even harder to make games for it than they did for the PS2 and PS3. Maybe this one you'll have to sit through a round of Russian Roulette with a loaded revolver before you're allowed to get a development kit, or something.

      Memo to the head of sony playstation devision.

      if you make your product hard to work with people wont work with it.

      your friend common sence

        Well its true. They would launch the PS4 in a couple of years and that wouldnt stop the PS3 having a 10 year cycle like the PS2 is currently having. Though...Sigh. Sounds like more next gen with ONLY updated graphics. Still.... Im excited. i LOVE new hardware. Especially the excitement of finding stuff out like this.

          Improved graphics is pretty much it. What else can they do to improve the gaming experience?! They're playing around with motion control, but that's this generation, and a half. Motion control will be a part of this generation.

          Otherwise, it'll pretty much be about improved graphics. Consoles are getting to the point which computers have generally reached. The hardware has plenty of capacity and power. There's not much reason to upgrade it. I think next generation consoles will reach that point. They'll have increased RAM, CPU power, and drive space. They'll easily handle full HD on a good framerate.

          The generation after may have realtime raytracing abilities, but again, it's just graphics. That's the only thing they can really improve.

      Or Polish Roulette: 5 bullets one empty space.


    If Sony wants to regain the top spot of the big three companies then they need to focus on innovation rather than raw power. Let’s take a look back at the ps1 and ps2. The ps1 was the first console to adopt the CD format and opened up so many new doors for the console, it instantly made developers jump ship and start developing for their console (Squaresoft decided to make FF7 for the ps1 because of this). The ps2 came out exactly as the DVD was starting to pick up steam as a format. People suddenly started buying the ps2 not only as a games console but as a DVD player. The ps3 came around and was touted as a “media centre” that didn’t work, blu ray hasn’t quite been the success DVD was and now it looks like digital distribution is the next big thing.

    I think what this shows is that Power isn’t everything, the PS3 was by far the most powerful console at launch, but did it sell the best?, The original Xbox was more powerful than the ps2 but the ps2 has left it in the dust.

    Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo would've started working on the PS4, XBox 720 and Wii 2 as soon as they'd released their current consoles. They would've been at least in the planning stages in the first year after release.
    They are constantly working on R&D for new hardware.


      I reckon that Sony are just making sure that MS and Ninty can't start the next gen without them again, since this is really what put them in their current position this generation. They do like to overlap generations to bolster their income, but if Sony gets their way you won't see this until we're approaching the end of the PS3's processor power, which won't be for years yet.

        No I don’t think it was the late entry into the market that got Sony into this situation, it was the fact that they made some horrible decisions leading up to their launch. Just look at the state of the video games industry today, Xbox came out first, then PS3 and Wii kind of at the same time, but now both 360 and PS3 are desperately just trying to imitate the success of the Wii. Timing really wasn’t an issue, it was just the fact they put out a system with a lot of flaws

        As for the whole Graphics vs Innovation argument, I personally think it’s about %70 innovation and %30 graphics that Sony should be aiming for with the PS4, If the Wii taught us anything it’s that the best graphics won’t sell a system, that being said Sony have always been known for having very good looking games, so they need to pay some attention to that, but Graphics technology will get better regardless of how much money Sony put into it.

        Nintendo took a huge risk with the Wii, The N64 didn’t really rake in too much money, the GameCube only sold about 30 million units, if the Wii was another flop it would it would have cast serious a shadow on Nintendo’s console market. I was totally sceptical when i first saw the Wii’s controller (back when it was called the Revolution) to me it seemed like a nail in the coffin, then calling it the Wii, I thought that was the most awful name ever, but they took the risk and it paid off.

    PS4 hey... Hopefully it wont cost $2000 upon release if its going to be 2x or 4x more powerful.

    Wait a minute... Ill make a PS4 sticker and stick it on my PC and pass it off ;-)

    Who hopes the power increase is about the same multiplication as the previous generation jumps...?

    PS1: 1x 33 mhz
    PS2: 1x 295 mhz
    PS3: 8(7)x 3,000 mhz
    PS4: 32x 30,000 mHz??!?!

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