Return To Ostagar With This Trailer

Dragon Age's next piece of downloadable content, Return to Ostagar, will be out next week. To get you in the mood, here's the pack's trailer.


    This looks awesome, but I hope its lengthy, If it’s like Orzammar then that’s like 3 or 4 hours worth of play. The stone prisoner DLC was actually a bit short, it was more about the bonus character than anything, the actual getting through the story only took me like 30 mins. But yeah, Shale added so much content that it was still top notch DLC.

      I agree Andrew - I hope it's lengthy too. At 400 MS points, I'm not getting my hopes up - seems too little to be of any great length, but it could be decent. It's not like there's not enough content in Dragon Age as it is, but I'd be keen for a good extension to the game.

      Last I read it was around an hours or so worth. Or 20 mins if you decided to skip dialogue.

        I’ve actually finished dragon age and skipped all the dialogue, it still took me 15 hours.

    The Stone Prisoner's short opening quest is mitigated somewhat by a second (also short) dungeon you can access with him later in the game. Still, they appear to be out of their minds pricing it at 1200 points, its a stretch to ask 800 for it.

      The thing that really made the stone prisoner great was shale, after you get shale it’s not as if the DLC ends, shale has very lengthy conversations with other party members, and many cutscenes in the game acknowledge her presence. Plus the DLC adds a handful of new items and armours. Even if this DLC is only one or two hours, if the added content had a ripple effect with the entire game then it will be worth it.

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