Robin Williams On The Wii

If you ever wanted to know how Academy Award winner Robin Williams feels about the Nintendo Wii, we can't help you. We can just direct you to this one bit of comedy wherein he mentions it.

It's right at 6:44 in that video. The rest of it is pretty hilarious, too, though.

Fans of Williams were probably already well aware of his Weapons of Self-Destruction tour. Sadly, I was in the dark about it until I came to my mother's house for the holidays and discovered her TiVo.

There's also a bunch of The Big Bang Theory and Men of a Certain Age on here too. Perhaps the holidays won't be as boring without my Sims 3 as I thought.


    Did I hear a Star trek reference somewhere in there? Who would have picked him as a fan

    That was awesome!

    Robin Williams is an absolute genius.

    Nice to see he's keeping up and being as funny as he was many years ago, despite a few bad movies :)

    I find a lot of American comedians swear unnecessarily. Nevertheless, Williams is awesome.

    I lol'd hard at the "first person shooter" gag xD

    He's gives 1st person shooter for the Wii a whole new meaning.

    I'm sorry but after the brilliance of World's Greatest Dad, this just seems lame and lazy humour. Lowest common denominator stuff.

    The whole show however, Weapons of Self Destruction, was mediocre.

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