Rock Band Guitar Cited As Instrument Of Domestic Violence

The daughter of 43-year-old Blackstreet singer Teddy Riley has been granted a temporary restraining order against her dad after he allegedly abused his two daughters with a Rock Band guitar.

See, Rock Band is all about bringing people together, not tearing families apart. According to documents filed in LA County Superior Court and reported by TMZ, Teddy's 18-year-old daughter Taja claims that he spent a major portion of December 23 "stomping, punching, and bashing" she and her older sister. Taja stated that at one point the singer "lifted a Rock Band guitar and threatened to kill person(s) w/ it." I think we can all agree that's not how a Rock Band controller is supposed to be used.

Domestic violence is a terrible thing, and shouldn't be treated lightly, so I don't want to hear anyone in the comments section suggesting the singer should learn how to swing a real guitar instead of screwing around with a plastic one.

'Blackstreet' Singer Accused of Rock Band Attack [TMZ - Thanks Stacy!]


    This is exactly the kind of news story that anti-video game advocates foam at the mouth over. This story really has nothing to do with rock band, if he had been closer to a hammer or a pipe he probably would have used that, but this is bound to go into someone’s resume of why video games are bad. Any guy that beats women deserves to be locked away for a long time, I certainly hope this guy spends some serious time in prison.

      I hope the journalist also spends time in prison.

      Well, not really, but I hate it when they write crap like this.

        Those guys at TMZ aren’t journalists, they are glorified stalkers

      Why Just Women? In My mind if you throw a punch against anyone, Then You should go to jail, simple as that.

        I know that comment probably wasn't meant to be taken literally, but I just have to point out that such a generalisation can never work. I'm just as much for getting rid of the violent, but you would always have to allow for self defence, or temporary insanity, even drugs impairing a person's judgement. Sure you can't let someone walk if they beat up a child or left someone critically injured, but if 2 drunk guys get into a fight and noone's horribly injured, I wouldn't mind if they were just forced to stay sober for a few months.

    He's doing it wrong.

      Beat me to it.

    Exactly, Andrew. When the media gets wind of reports like this, it's basically if a video game is in the vicinity, or like you said, a controller pick up to use in anger to attack somebody, they're over it like dogs. I agree, this asshole should be locked up for a long time.

      It is a terrible crime, I'll admit that. But, seriously, some days it just feels like a violent video game is just in the same room as a person, and they'll blame it for all the violence.

    To be fair, I don't think anyone is suggesting Rock Band was the cause of the argument - we all know that he's obviously a tool and would have used whatever he could. Rock Band is quite possibly the least fight inducing game I can imagine - I'd say more fights are the result of Monopoly than RB.

    A lot of the time, the media does jump all over video game related violence, but in this case, we've got a quasi-celebrity, who had been violent before picking up the guitar.
    Most people can tell the difference between someone getting violent over a disagreement that happens near a game, and a violent game mirroring what happens in real life.

    That said, TMZ are a bunch of lowlifes, and the guy that did this should be locked away for a long time.

      That's true, and TMZ and the general tabloids just like to overinflate shit and make stuff out what it's not. And most sane people can indeed tell the difference between the disagreements that happen near or over a game, and games that produce disagreements due to overly violent content etc. But you're forgetting all the parents who have nervous breakdowns over violence and let their kids play only G-rated, kid-friendly shovelware. Those are the kind of parents the media targets, and it's because the media does target them is the main reason we don't have an R+18 rating. At least, that's how I see it.

    They said the Wii was meant to bring people together as well... look how THAT turned

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