Rumour: PSP Minis To Be Playable On PS3 Soon

Sony's downloadable PSP minis, which launched alongside the company's download-only PSPgo, may be getting a bigger screen treatment, according to a report that says minis will be supported on the PlayStation 3.

Joystiq cites a "a handful of reliable sources" in its write-up, saying that PSP minis may become PS3 minis as well before the end of the year. Those bite-sized downloadable games are said to get a resolution boost, too, the report says.

We've heard from one development source that backs up the story, but adds that minis may not be the only PSP content making the jump to the PlayStation 3. Would PSP playable on the PS3 be something that interests you?

Rumor: PSP Minis playable on PS3 before Christmas [Joystiq]


    I've been wanting Sony to make PSP games run on the PS3 with Sixaxis controls for ages.

    This is what will boost digital distribution for PSP more than the over-priced GO ever could.

    Yes please - add this feature instantly and I'll buy a heap of PSP games and minis!! There are some tasty looking PSP games I would love to get but I dont want to get a PSP

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