Rumour: Big Layoffs At Heavy Iron Studios

We've learned over the weekend that most of the employees at Heavy Iron - a former THQ subsidiary that's best-known for its movie tie-in games - may be spending the holidays looking for a new job.

Sources have told Kotaku that around 60-70 of the studio's staff are to be laid off this week, most likely on Wednesday. This week being Christmas. With a total headcount of just over 100, that's a sizeable percentage of the studio's total workforce.

Losing your job is never a good thing, but losing it over Christmas? That makes it twice as hard.

Heavy Iron were once a THQ studio, responsible primarily for games based on Disney/Pixar cartoons, though they also released Evil Dead: Hail to the King. The company were let go from THQ earlier this year as part of the publisher's cost-cutting measures.


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