Rumour: EA Sports' New Title Is A Wii Football Trainer

Earlier this month, EA Canada's community manager tweeted that the company would announce a new sports title in January. Rumour now has it the game is an (American) football-based trainer with NFL branding.

Destructoid, citing unnamed sources, says the game is "NFL Trainer" and will put players through football-inspired workouts and drills. There's talk it will come with a football attachment that will assist players in learning how to throw perfect spirals.

If true, this is hardly exciting news for the core sports gamer. But it would be shrewd of EA Sports to differentiate its exergaming efforts with a pro league's licence, and try to extend the offering beyond the typical soccer-mum demographic.

I've reached out to my contacts with EA Sports to see if they want to knock this rumour down. We likely know the drill here: A) it's a holiday week, and B) few companies ever comment on rumour or speculation. Rumor: EA Sports Working on a Football Training Game [Destructoid]


    I can see footballs going through TV's if this somehow worked out...

      Hahaha, I just imagined that. Though yeah, it'd be pretty hard to simulate football throws without actually throwing the football. It'd be easier with cricket and tennis balls, but the way the NFL and the NRL throw the football (with that tricky spin) would be hard to sim.

    jeez, why won't they just make an NRL game already...

      They are making one

    Haha this will sure be interesting

    My guess is you are going to need a huge room and its going to have a warning to keep any breakable items at least 20 metres away

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