Rumour: PSPgo Getting UMD Add-on From Logitech

Sony may have put aside plans to offer a UMD solution for PSPgo owners, but a third-party may be stepping up to the plate. Logitech is rumoured to have a UMD drive add-on planned for Sony's download-only device.

CVG cites an unnamed source in its report, pegging an external UMD reader that will let PSPgo owners play their hard copies and "make the PSP a little bulky." Bulkier than the PSPgo camera adapter?

Take the possibility of a UMD add-on as rumour for now, but someone would be wise to make the PSPgo more attractive to owners of the PSP-3000 and its ancestors.

PSPgo to get UMD drive add-on? [CVG]


    not possible, how is sony going to control the piracy if this drive exist?

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