Rumour: Say Goodnight To Edge Of Twilight

Steampunk fantasy RPG Edge of Twilight may never see the light of day. The Fuzzeyes Studios developed game, originally planned for release this year on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, is rumoured to have been canceled.

Despite looking pretty in screen shots, improving dramatically since it was first announced, work on Edge of Twilight is said to have ceased months ago by a former Fuzzyeyes developer. The Australian developer responsible is also said to have been effectively shut down.

We've reached out to publisher Southpeak Interactive and Fuzzyeyes Studios to verify this information and will update with any new details.


    Be such a shame to see all that hard work go to waste. But at the same time I've had this suspicion since FuzzyEyes' shut down that it was gonna be canned.

    Shame, most of it was really pretty.

    Damn it... This is news I was hoping not to hear.

    I'm just surprised they haven't already been sued by that crazy guy who sues over everything called "Edge"... (and maybe the movie company releasing "Twilight")

      Uhh, they did get under fire from that guy, for serious.

      Oh, he was just biding his time, waiting to see if there were any profits to take a crack at... What a slimy little turd he is...

    I Heard the Aus studio has been shutdown for a couple months, everyone let go, and a lot of staff still owed months of pay. Such a shame, the game was looking quite promising.

    Errr, landell already trolled Edge of Twilight and somehow it magically have to wonder why *grin*

    Its a real shame. Watching the improved trailer it seemed like a very polished game. Hope they can somehow finish it. Would be sad to see all there hard work go to waste.

    @Mr Waffle - They have.

    And it's very sad to see this go. I was interested!

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