Saboteur PC Not Working With ATI Graphics Cards?

Totilo thought The Saboteur was a little rough on PlayStation 3. Lucky. He could have been playing it on PC with an ATI graphics card, in which case it wouldn't have worked at all.

The game's official boards have been flooded with complaints from users claiming that ATI's 3k, 4k and 5k cards won't run the game in either XP, Vista or Windows 7. In other words, if you bought the game and own an ATI card, you're screwed.

Indeed, things are so bad that online retailer Direct2Drive have placed a notice on their digital shopfront, warning ATI customers of the shortfall. Can't remember the last time I saw something like that happen.

Not the best way for Pandemic to sign off to their fanbase, is it?

ATI Graphic Issues with Windows Vista & Windows 7 64bit/32bit - The Saboteur Issues & Tech Help - The Saboteur: EA Forums [EA]


    I am playing it on ATI graphics cards running on Crossfire and haven't had any issues at all. I read about this on the forums last weekend and was expecting a bad experience but it has been very smooth.

    I am running dual 4850s.

    I'm playing it with a HD4850 ATI card. Its a little laggy but plays. I just figured my card wasn't able to handle the specs.

    Since Pandemic is closed, are they going to patch this?

    More to the point, will Pandemic still support the game at all? Just curious, I have a nVidia card.

    I can't help but think thats a bit of an oversight. They may not have a massive market share but its certainly what you'd call "Significant" and only growing at this stage...

    nvidia the way its ment to be played, literately

    rofl... yet another reminder why i stopped buying ATI cards :D

    tried it out last night and it runs very nicely on my SLI GTX275's :D

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