Saboteur's 11th Hour Butt Censorship

It's not just in-game lady parts that have been censored in Pandemic's Saboteur. Some out-of-game lady parts have also been covered up at the last minute.

Sharp-eyed reader Mateo has noticed a little edit on the back of the game's box. Above, you'll see the back of the retail box, the one shipping with an actual game inside.

Below? Below you'll see the game's pre-order/coming soon box, which had the cheek to show a little more...cheek.


    I bought the game here in Australia and it has the 'cheekier' box art. I'll be interested to see if it changes as stores get replenished.

    There's a little bit more than cheek in that original one which is probably why they changed it.

    I'm not against it, it's just that it's not a neccessity. If your game is good it will sell.

    Wierd. I've got an Australian release day version here that looks exactly like the pre-release one, crotch bulge and all.

    That edit on the silhouette looks completely unnatural. More like she's scratching her ass or something.

    My retail 360 Saboteur box shows the full butt.

    The 360 & PS3 PAL versions still shows her butt, it's not covered by her hands.

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