Sam & Max Returning In 2010 (On A Spaceship?)

Telltale Games put Sam & Max on hold for a little while there, tending to the needs of Monkey Island fans the world over. Now that series is done, however, it's back to the dog & rabbit show.

A new site has popped up over on Telltale's domain, teased at the conclusion of the fifth and final Monkey Island episode. It's got Sam, Max and a prominent 2010 all over it, along with some concept art showing a heavy dose of sci-fi and just a hint of time travel, given Sam's rather dapper attire.

In addition to the visual clues, there's also some audio playing over the art, suggesting that Telltale's next Sam & Max may not be your average point-and-click adventure game, instead featuring gameplay where you're given a lot more direct control over events.

[Sam & Max 2010]


    I still have to finish the ones already released. Haven't touched the game in a while.

    Still need to buy Season 2 on XBLA.

    Be good if they changed up the gameplay and gave us something new, since the puzzle genre can get stale fast if you keep up the same formula.

    Still waiting, or hoping, Telltale drop Monkey Island on XBLA...

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