See Nintendo's Zagenki No Reginleiv In Bloody, Limb Chopping Action

Nintendo isn't normally in the business of publishing bloody, violent M-rated—or, in Japan's case, CERO D rated—games for its hardware. In fact, Zagenki No Reginleiv will likely be the first Wii game to carry such a high rating.

But blood shall flow and limbs shall be neatly severed in Zagenki No Reginleiv, a game announced way back in October 2008 and, so far, only for Japan. The game was originally known as Dynamic Zan, if that rings a bell. Should Nintendo bring the game to the Americas and Europe, we're guessing it's not going to be titled Dynamic Zan or Zagenki No Reginleiv.

The Wii game was developed by Sandlot, the team responsible for similarly violent action series Earth Defense Force for D3Publisher, so expect some familiar looking giant-thing slaying here. But also expect Wii MotionPlus and the Classic Controller support, as well as online cooperative multiplayer, should you ultimately get your hands on it.

You can officially colour me a bright crimson hue of "interested."

Zagenki No Reginleiv [YouTube via Siliconera]


    1.11 WTF?, why did they give a 12 year old girl a guys voice?

      O.o what are you talking about, that a guy

        Allow me to explain the joke, thus killing it in the process. You see in most JRPG’s the male characters look like 12 year old girls out of some sort of weird fetish that i can only assume exists in Japan. This video was no exception as that guy looked like he wouldn’t be out of place at a primary school formal. This is off course juxtaposed with the manly voice that he was given. You see, a guy that looks like a 12 year old girl should be voiced by the appropriate person, a 12 year old girl for example.

          It more of a meme that joke but whatever.

    @ Andrew - thats definately a guy... there does seem to be a girl BEHIND him though... maybe she's throwing her man voice?...

    On a side note, this game looks so ridiculously basic.. even if it does come to western countries, i'm not sure exacly how much interest it would rustle up... judging by that i'd say not much.

    Basically just looks like Dynasty Warriors with lots of dodgy looking blood

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